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We can look back on years of experience during which our workshop has earned fundamental knowledge in repairing especially pavers but milling machines and rollers too. Being fully aware of the costs that can result when a machine is down we take this matter very seriously and do our utmost to put the machines into an excellent technical and optical condition. The following repairs are customarily carried out in our workshop at Westertimke prior to delivery:
  • wear parts are replaced if their condition is below 50 % not ensuring a perfect function
  • all electrical and hydraulical functions are checked and if necessary mended
  • according to the working hours the machine has performed we service the transmission gear box
  • the engine is inspected, oil changed and filters replaced
  • hydraulic oil is tested and changed if need be; hydraulic filters are replaced
  • the machine is washed and cleaned
  • fresh paint is applied in the original machine colour or according to the customers wishes
  • detailed issue of final inspection report
In the region in and around Bremen we offer a machine repair service. We overhaul pavers, milling machines and rollers in our workshop at Westertimke. If possible we also call in on the building site in cases of emergency.
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